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About it

- 4 days event, 30 hours of Milonga

- Role balance

- Maximum 170 participants with the same quality and joy as always!  

- Live Orchestra from Buenos Aires.

- International DJs with extensive experience in marathons / encuentros.

- Invitation with respect but a relaxed atmosphere with the desire to meet new people.

- Cosy location of 240 square meters, dance floor of wooden floor.

- Snacks, Fruits and soft drinks included during all event (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

- Meals included: Friday sandwiches and soup, Saturday Dinner and Sunday Brunch included.




Tickets available at the event. No prior registration is required.

🕒Milonga: 20:00-01:00

🎼 DJ: Ana Temblador

💰Price: 10€

📍LOCATION: Eikenstraat 13, 2840 Rumst



Participation only with prior registration.

No tickets are sold at the event.

🕒Milonga: 14:00 - 19:00

🎼 DJ: Richard Frisart

🕒Milonga: 21:00 - 02:00

🎼 DJ: Sam

🍽 Sandwiches or soup 00:00

📍LOCATION: Eikenstraat 13, 2840 Rumst


🕒Milonga: 14:00 - 19:00

🎼 DJ: Emilia Andrada

🕒Milonga: 21:00 - 02:00

🎼 DJ: El Huracán

🍽 Dinner: 19:00

🎹🪗🎻Live Orchestra 23:00

🍽 Sandwiches or soup 00:00

📍LOCATION: Eikenstraat 13, 2840 Rumst


🍽 Brunch: 11:00 - 13:00

🕒 Milonga: 13:00 - 18:00

🎼 DJ: Martin Lionti (Music with vinyl)

🎹🪗🎻Live Orchestra 15:00

📍LOCATION: Eikenstraat 13, 2840 Rumst


Martín Lionti, Argentina-France

Richard Frisart, Netherlands

El Huracán, Belgium-Luxembourg

DJ Martin.jpg

100% vinyl

DJ Richard 2.jpg
DJ Huracan_edited.jpg
DJ Emilia Andrada.jpeg
sam 1.jpeg

Emilia Andrada, Argentina-Germany

Ana Temblador, Spain-Belgium

Sam, Türkiye-Belgium


The popular Analía Golberg Cuartet from Buenos Aires for the 1st time in Belgium. Analía, composer and ex-pianist of Color Tango Orchestra.

Price / Registration

Price & Registration

Price 160 


- Includes access to Thursday night, Friday (Day & Night), Saturday (Day & Night) and Sunday (Day & Night) milongas.

- Includes Snacks, Fruits, sandwiches and softs drinks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

- Includes Saturday Dinner, Sunday Brunch. 


- Registration starts on Saturday 09 of March 2024.

Follow the button below to complete the Form. Please read the conditions carefully.

- Complete one form per person. Also for registration as a couple.

- You will automatically receive a copy by email. Remember to check your spam.


- 72 hours after your reservation, you will receive a positive or negative response for the waiting list (also remember to check your spam). We recommend you to schedule this date since you must make the payment within the next 48 hours to guarantee your place.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

- The payment information will be in the email we send you.

- See more in Terms and Conditions (at the end of this page).


Cancellation Policy

- In case of cancellation on your part, no refund will be made.  

- See more inTerms and Conditions (at the end of this page).



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